Monday, December 10, 2012


Christmas and being Thankful

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So I know Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago and your supposed to give thanks for the people you have in your life, the fact that you have clothes on your back and a roof over your head, that everyone is happy and healthy, etc.

For me though, its different.

I don't really give thanks, it crosses my mind maybe once for a few minutes and thats it.

Does that mean I'm not thankful for all that I have when there are people who don't have the things I have? No.

For some reason it doesn't cross my mind all that much until December starts.

I love christmas, maybe its all the christmas movies that play on TV. You watch TV and notice all these new movies that are coming out and you tend to want to watch them.

Earlier this morning I had turned the TV on and got sucked into this movie that once I was forces to move away from the TV I just HAD to record it. I only got the chance of watching three minutes of the movie but wanted to watch the rest.

I'm currently sitting here watching it as I'm typing this out. My baby is currently sleeping on the floor in front of me and as I'm getting sucked into this movie I keep glancing at my son. I am so thankful for the fact that my son is healthy and happy.

The movie I'm watching is calling 'The Heart of Christmas' and its about this family whos' son is terminally ill and the community all come together to help them out. I'm watching this family whose going through this hard time and it makes me sad, makes me realize that there are so many parents who has an ill child in the hospital, who watches their child get more sick as each day passes, hoping this treatment and that treatment work and then get this horrible news that it didn't help, their child isn't getting any better.

I am so thankful for my son and there are days that I forget that there are mothers and fathers out there who don't get to see their child grow and learn new things. When I do remember, I hug him a little tighter, a little longer, play with him a little more, kiss him a little more and tell him I love him a million times instead of just 900,000 times. I watch him sleep a little more, hold my sleeping prince a little longer.

I love my son and like all moms, I would give him the world if I could.

I just ask that you hug your children a little longer today and remember that they are your life, your world, your everything.