Friday, December 28, 2012


It's Official!

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Last night was date night, double date with my aunt and uncle. I LOVE my aunt and uncle and view them as my second parents. My aunt was the first one to find out I was pregnant with my son, I confided in her a lot for things. She gave me advice on clothing and makeup, things my own mother didn't help me with since she wasn't in my life. When I moved out of my mother and in with my father, my aunt and uncle were only 20 minutes away, I was always over there. We used to joke about me being her daughter and in a big way, I was. 

 What I wore:

So being in town and bring my boyfriend, whom she never met before, she wanted to meet him. So we agreed to dinner at a place called Des Families. It was BEAUTIFUL! The back of the restaurant was all glass and the view was a swamp.
I'm sure you going "A swamp?!"
Yes a swamp, it was beautiful! 

The food was so good, the place was so pretty and nice.

So we leave and right outside they have a fire pit off to the side. My uncle has said on the way in to the restaurant that he was thinking about building one of those for his backyard so before we left he walked over to it to check it out. So he does and then we go to leave. My boyfriend says out of the blue "Taylor I'm cold." I turn around and there he is on one knee with a ring. I was shocked, we had talked about it, I even knew he bought the ring. I saw him talking to my dad a lot and just knew he was asking if it was ok. I kept bugging him about it but he wouldn't tell me. In all honesty I thought he was going to wait until later on, maybe in a few months. but instead he asked that night. I, of course, said yes! I knew my father had to ok it or else he would not of asked because I explained to him how important that was to me to get my fathers blessing. My aunt was so shocked and pulled out her iphone and snapped pics. So they aren't good images but they are memories none the less. I am so grateful to have such loving people in my life. I'm so glad he did this in front of them, the two people who did so much for me and still do to this day.  We will have a long engagement(a year or so) but we want to make sure we are in a better place than we are now before finally saying our vows.

The ring!