Thursday, December 6, 2012


Mommy Truths 2: Choices and Decisions

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As a person you have choices and decisions for yourself, but as a mother you have choices and decisions for someone else. There will always be someone giving you choices either someone else or yourself. Before parenthood your choices only affected yourself and no one else. Before parenthood, choices were easier, you didn't have to consider someone else. Before parenthood you didn't have to make choices for someone else. As a mother, father, legal guardian, you have to make choices for someone else, you have to make the best one you can for someone else, someone who has no words, someone who doesn't understand, someone who is too little to make the proper choice.

These choices could be a small as a shot or as big as a move down the road or even across the country. You are not just thinking for yourself but for someone else now. You have this life, this little person, who looks to you to make the best choice for them, who loves you with all they have and look for you to make choices for you.

What some people don't tell you, something first time mom's don't always know, motherhood begins the moment their child is conceived. The second a mother finds out she is pregnant she already has to start making choices for another life, this life inside of her that she will carry in her womb for nine months, in her arms for three years and in her heart forever.

Sometimes these choices are thrown at you and you either have a few days to think about it or just a second. These choices can be easy or they can be hard. It could be the easiest choice ever made or the hardest. But they happen every day, every second, every minute, every hour. We make decisions every day whether we notice or not.

These choices, however, can and usually do involve the father.

So maybe this isn't 100% mommy truths, but I highly doubt all the ones I will list will be just on the mom. A lot of things are both parents and not just one.


  1. I always say that motherhood is the hard adventure I have every embarked upon. You are right, people will give you advice about everything under the sun but only you and you alone know what is best for that little person that calls you mommy or daddy.

    1. I personally believe that this is on of the harder things about being a parent. More so for a first time parent, your new to everything and all these people who have done parenting 2xs over are giving you advice and a part of you says "they know more than me, I'm knew to all I this" sometimes you like it, sometimes you hate it. But eventually you realize it's your choice and no one can answer for you.
      I realized that the most when I made the choice to move out of my mothers house and she was yelling at me and telling me I was making a wrong choice, I stuck to my guns and moved out. She now says I did the right thing and she loves my SO and knows my son and I are very happy, loved and taken care of.

  2. I am a fairly seasoned mother I have two of my own and an older step-child. I was a young adult when I was pregnant and mother to my oldest, being young, it was hard for me to accept that huge responsibility. It wasn't until I was a few years older that I truly accepted that I was a mom, and took on that parent roll.

    It wasn't as though I went out and partied every night, but in my son's toddler years I lived with my mother and grandmother, so the help in caring for my son was abundant. I was also criticized by my mother on my faults as a mom.

    Every mother is different and not perfect, ultimately if the child is getting the attention, and love needed for their well being then there is nothing bringing harm, so why throw in 2 cents.

    I hope you have happiness in your current situation with your child.

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