Friday, December 28, 2012


Mommy Truths 4: Silence Is Not Golden

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When you have little kids you've realized that there is never a dull, quiet moment at your house. Those days of sitting down and reading a book or watching a movie in silence just isn't possible, unless of course its 10 at night and everyone is in bed and most(if not all) of the house work is completed. And by then you are too tired to even care and just sleep.

When you have little ones you realize that its better to hear them giggling, laughing, and talking than it is to hear nothing. Silence when you have kids means they are up to something and usually that something is the exact thing you DON'T want them doing.

Now this truth isn't fully true for me. My son is so good and I can honestly say that. He will sit on the floor, quietly, and play with his toys. He loves cars, anything with wheels, hell, anything that moves! He will lay on the floor and push his car back and forth watching the wheels turn. Though we do have those moments when he's super quiet and I just wonder what he is up to. I always try to stay in the same room as my son but everyone knows its basically impossible to keep an eye on your children 24/7, if you did, nothing would ever be done in the home.

At some point, you will realize "Oh the house is quiet" and think its good and then a split second later you realize "Oh shit the kid(s)" and you jump up and run to where they are! It does happen to everyone! And if someone says it hasn't happened to them then they are lying!

Always remember that silence is not always golden!

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  1. I will have to agree with you on that. Even at the age of 7, when things are too quiet I realize that something is not going as it should. Guest post!