Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Fitness Week One

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So I would be lying if I said i did really good this first week.

In all reality the first few days went great! I ate chicken, chicken and more chicken and some light sides. Then we ordered pizza and I ate a ton for lunch and only 3 slices for dinner. Now I don't mean triangle slices I mean square slices, like when you order a thin crust pizza and the pizza is all squares and not triangles like a regular pizza. So I think I did ok for dinner that night. I did Dance Central 3 only one night, but I did it for over an hour and I did the cardio part to their fitness section. It was hard, you don't get to practice the moves at all so it being my first time playing the game in general I have not gone over all the songs I did. So it was hard and I sweating after the first 2 or 3 songs. It was hard, there were no real breaks(maybe lasting 30 seconds to switch songs). I was so hot and sore afterwards.

Food was kinda bad again, I did a lot of one and off good eating. Yesterday night we did grilled chicken salads and I ate two shoe salads and about 1.5 chicken pieces, they weren't big pieces of chicken. And then me and fiance split a bowl of ice cream.

Tonight were going roast for dinner with rice and mashed potatoes with a small salad on the side(optional for everyone other than me) and tonight its Dance Central 3(fitness part again) and some crunches. My fiance and I are really gonna start cracking down on our fitness, at least we can do that and I can slowly start getting better at eating right. My fiance is actually ahead of me on healthy foods. So kuddos to him.

I know I gained a lot of weight while on my vacation and can honestly say I don't feel any fatter since getting back but I don't feel skinnier either.

I'm defiantly going to try harder this week. So hopefully I can make this work better.

Fingers crossed!

Sorry for the sideway image. I was probably about 25 weeks in this picture.

 this is me at my baby shower. about 32 weeks along.

this is the 10lb 3oz baby that I had. cute huh?

And this is me now..