Sunday, January 20, 2013


New Piercing

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So yesterday I finally went and got my lip pierced. After wanting it done since I was 16, I finally got it done at age 21!

So we went to a local place here in Illinois, it was 30$ for the piercing and then I bought two bottles of H2Ocean so it was 50$ total. The guy was awesome, I liked him a lot, he gave me so much information and advice.

The pain level was between a 4-5, I was really nervous about it, I hate needles so my nerves were shot. I was shaking pretty bad afterwards, and my heart was racing. My whole right bottle side of my mouth hurt for a few hours yesterday afterwards, dunno why but it did. This morning my lip is swollen a lot, and its numb.

I like it though. I do plan on more ear piercing later on as well as some tattoos, not sure when I will be getting them though. Can't wait till I can get them though.

Just wanted to share my experience!

Piercing this morning sorry for looking all messy and ew.


  1. I am all for self expression. I am glad this experience for you was nearly painless. I am 29 and early 2012 I got my nose pierced. I have always been interested in getting tattoos and piercings, but would you ever put an age limit on getting pierced?

    My viewpoint on this is that if you don't have them at a young(er) age, then don't try be young by getting all pierced now. At my age I somewhat regretted having it done. If I was around your age, then I may have not.

    Best of luck with your newest accessory.

    Amanda at 3lilapples

  2. I agree. I feel that it's their body, let them do what they want to it. I have my views but would never tell someone their tattoo or piercing is stupid.

    For age limit, I wouldn't, my father is 46 and still gets tattoos. However, his have meaning and he really thinks and plans them out for a while before getting a tattoo done. So far he has 3 and one of them has a funny background to how and why he got it. Now maybe for piercings I may put an age limit on some piercings or maybe all. Jut depends