Friday, February 8, 2013


My Diet Undoing

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So we all know everyone has that one weakness. The one weakness where no matter how hard you try to not break your diet you wind up doing anyways.

Well, this is mine.

Its called Love Potion 31 and its from Baskin-Robbins. I'm lucky though that this ice cream is not available year round, or I would be so fat.

Fall in love with white chocolate flavored and raspberry ice creams, a raspberry ribbon, chocolate 
chips, and raspberry-filled chocolate flavored hearts.

It's as good as it sounds.

It only comes out the month of February. 

So let me tell you how much I love this ice cream.

The Baskin-Robbins that it closest to us didn't carry it. I called 3 stores to figure out who had it. And then I drove 30 minutes to get it and bought 1/2 gallon. Though upon arriving at the Baskin-Robbins I was talking to a worker there about how much I love it and she informed me that one lady came in the other day and she had driven over two hours just to get this ice cream. (it is that addicting and yummy. tread lightly!)

I did this on Wednesday and I already ate half of it. 

To be honest if I had a huge extra freezer I would contact baskin-robbins and ask for 2 big tubs so that I could have it year round! I am seriously in love with this flavor.

If you have yet to try this flavor, I must warn you, tread lightly, or better yet, don't try it all! It is so good but so sinful. 

I am trying to cut myself down to only one bowl a day but its so hard, its so good. I am always craving 

So this is my diet undoing, what's yours?


  1. I have never tried love potion 31, but it looks very tempting. My diet undoing is bread... I love fresh baked breads like sourdough. Stopping by to say Hi from MeloMomma's blog hop. Happy Friday!

    1. That's not too bad. You actually need fiber in your diet so brea is good, too much of it is bad. I have been told to eat 2 servings and try not to eat bread after 2.

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  3. Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Montauk Milk Chocolate Cookies! My daughter & I fight over them lol!

    Crazy Little Thinggs

    1. That's so cute, I have never had those before, may have to check them out. I love chocolate chip cookies!

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